Banksia sewalong!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One of the things that made me decide to begin a blog was the opportunity to participate in a sewalong.I was so excited reading all about the Darling Ranges sewalong from Megan Nielsen last spring!I assume you already now Megan Nielsen and if you don't then you really should!She is a talented independent pattern designer and such an inspiration!You can read all about how she started her own business in her ''Becoming a designer'' series.So this time I decided to participate in her second Banksia sewalong!I purchased the pattern last spring together with the Darling Ranges dress(which is high on my to sew list!) and i was pleasantly surprised with how well made the pattern and the instructions were!None of this ugly-made-no-sense-in-the-instruction commercial patterns.The instructions were so easy to follow included in a very useful booklet with very cute illustrations.I already had my first attempt with the pattern and i was so satisfied with the final outcome!You can see photos of my first Banksia top here(sorry for the blurry photos,I was just so excited to share-I will upload better ones as long as I find time).I'm thinking about making a mood board to decide how I'd like my Banksia top this time.Hm...lot's of thinking to do!

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