Upside down denim skirt

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tank top/Necklace:H&M
Skirt:Made by me
Shoes:Jeffrey Campbell Litas

This skirt was inspired by the one Rihanna wore at her videoclip "We found love" from Jeremy Scott Spring 2012 collection.My friend Despina really wanted a similar one so when we found two old pairs of men's Levis jeans at a thrift store,we decided to make our own.It's actually the top parts of the jeans,sewn together at the sides,turned upside down,with an elastic sewn at the top,forming a paper bag waistband.The denim was quite stiff and a little difficult to work with,but I really like how it came out!

I had really fun shooting these photos with Despina serving both as a model and an amazing makeup artist-who's thinking about starting her own beauty blog soon.At one point we were laughing so much that we ended up with more blurry photos than we know what to do and we even shouted "That's a wrap everybody" at the end in the true spirit of an "America's Next Top Model" moment!

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  1. Great skirt, I love it. Did you take any pictures during its construction - for us beginning sew-ers to look at?

  2. Thank you!Unfortunately I didn't take any photos during the construction,but the skirt is fairly easy to make.I took two pairs of jeans and ripped the sides,then turned them upside down ,define the length I wanted and cut,then I sewed them together at the sides again making some changes in order to make them fit better and added elastic at the top to make a paper bag waistband!Hope that helps a little!

  3. What a fun idea! I haven't seen Rihanna wear it, so if I make one, you are my fashion icon.

  4. I love this and will have to make some for teenage daughter