Creative goals for 2014

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hello guys! It's this time of year again, the first week into a new year, that the possibilities seem endless. You see the future as a blank page book ready to be written by you. For me this time of year is usually the one my creativity is on it's peak and new ideas are constantly produced. I think it's because of the new beginning of the year that everything seems possible! 
As I mentioned on my previous post I'm not really a fan of big New Year's resolutions. But I like to set some challenges and goals for myself. Last year I posted my Sewing goals for 2013, some of them I did achieve, like overcome my fear of certain garments with my first Albion jacket, my first Cooper backpack and an Archer shirt on the making. I also did try more of my own pattern making following the instructions of the amazing Q2HAN girls for lots of the garments I made in 2013. For others though I can't say I really made progress. I was really excited with fashion illustration in the beginning of 2013, but at some point I just stopped practising it for no reason at all. And even though I did organize my sewing a lot I still believe that I have a long way to go.
After reading this post from Meg, with whose resolutions I couldn't agree more, I thought I'll share some of my creative goals for 2014 with you :

1.Organizing my sewing, my fabric stash and my patterns
 One thing I achieved in 2013 was sewing for my style and give each project the attention it needed. I would really like to continue doing this in 2014. One thing I didn't achieve in 2013 was organizing my fabric stash which is currently sitting underneath my table driving me crazy. And the same goes for my patterns! I really have to start organizing them in envelopes!

2.Sketch, draw and collage more!
 I really love sketching and drawing ideas and I'm really disappointed in myself for not practicing more. This year I want to really find the time to do so.

3.Photograph more!
 I really love photography. But over the years I just stopped practising. I want to start photographing more and the same goes for photographing my sewing garments. I'm so bad at doing so. I have many sewed items that never made it here because I was too lazy to photograph them. This year things have to change.

4.Sew more challenging items
 I'd really love to make a coat this winter, as well as try making my own lingerie. Will see how this will go!

What are your goals for 2014?

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  1. Isn't sketching and collaging such a great outlet. I'm hoping to do a lot more of it in the new year too.

  2. New reader stopping to say hi and that I really like your blog. I'm hoping to tackle sewing lingerie as well this year so I can't wait to see what you end up making.