Sewing Plans:Spring Wardrobe 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello guys! Sorry for the quietness around here these past couple weeks. I'm currently in Trondheim, Norway enjoying some mini vacations. Here spring hasn't quite sprung yet, but on Sunday I'll be returning to Greece where the temperatures are surely in spring mode. So I've been thinking a lot about spring wardrobe and planning what I'd like to sew this spring. 

I've been pinning, sketching and searching like crazy these couple weeks and I can't wait to start sewing my spring wardrobe once I return. So these are my current plans, which I'm sure I'll add on and alter as time goes by, but I want to try sewing as many garments as possible. 

  • Coco pattern: I'm sure by now everyone knows about this awesome new pattern from Tilly. I'm planning to make a dress and a long sleeve shirt out of it.
  • Darling Ranges dress: I'm thinking both a short and maxi version of this.
  • Archer button down: This pattern is in my to-sew list forever now, I already began sewing two shirts out of it, but first one remained a WIP(problems with the collar) and as for the second one I didn't like the size that I cut. So this time I want to make it happen.

  • Jamie Jeans: I got this pattern as a birthday present. I've already cut out the fabric pieces, so I have to sew them now and see how they are fitting.
  • Summer Concert Tee: A basic tee everyone needs. I especially like the fit of it
  • Briar gathered waist dress: This pattern is one of my favorite ones! This time I'm planning to make a short sleeved dress out of it.
  • Kelly skirt: Recently Megan had a make room for baby sale. As always I can't resist a sale, so I bought the Kelly skirt. I'm planning to make a maxi version of the skirt after I saw this amazing version from HollyDolly .
  • Sweatshirt: I'm searching for a nice sweatshirt pattern for a long time now, but nothing I find really excites me. I'll either draft my own pattern for this one or I'll alter one I'll find.
  • Kimono: I really like a lightweight kimono on top of shorts. The key for me here is the right fabric, so I'll try to find something I really like. I'm also thinking a long version of a kimono.

You can check out my Pinterest boards, here and here, for more inspiration on what I'm planning to make. I'll share more about my plans and makes in the coming weeks.

So what do you think of my spring wardrobe plans? What are you planning to sew this spring?

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  1. Heya, I've tagged you for a Liebster Award :)

  2. What a list! Can't wait to see the process and results of this! I love the idea of the short kimono!