Wardrobe Architect 2015 - January

Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hello everyone! Since I didn't participated in last year's Wardrobe Architect, I was super excited when Kristen from Colette announced this year's challenge. If you don't know what the Wardrobe Architect is, it's basically a challenge to help you build a wardrobe that will represent your style, lifestyle and personality. You can read more about it over at Coletterie.

My goals for the Wardrobe Architect challenge are to define my style more and build a wardrobe that suits my life and expresses my personality. I believe that this will make my sewing more efficient and will prevent me from making or buying things carelessly.

January's goal was:"Find your core style and explore shapes"

Since I love organising things I started with a binder and since I'm a paper person all the way I printed and completed the worksheets from last year's weeks 1-4. These worksheets make you document and understand better your history, philosophy, culture etc. behind your style, as well as your style icons and what words best describe your style. That really helped me to think deeper about my style and see the connections between my fashion choices. I created a Pinterest board and a Polyvore collection with photos that best represent my personal style, silhouettes and aesthetic.


After completing all of the worksheets the 5 words I came up with to describe my style were:



For my silhouettes, I went back thinking what makes me feel comfortable and put together. I love tight bottoms with loose tops, mini dresses, flare bottoms with crop tops, maxi skirts with loose tops and I can't stand very fitted tops. I love playing with proportions in my clothes to create optical interest.


Lastly I picked some pattern that I thought would fit nicely into my wardrobe. I choose some basic tops like the Mandy Boat Tee and the Plantain t shirt, as well as some Ginger Jeans and the Victoria Blazer. You can see all of them on my Pinterest board.

This is my work for #WAchallenge2015. Are you participating? I'd love to hear your thoughts on defining ones style!

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  1. I'm taking part in wardrobe architect too. I skipped last year due to being pregnant. I find it so hard to define my style. There are so many different styles I love to wear that it is hard to narrow it down.