Wardrobe Project 2015 - February

Saturday, March 07, 2015

So this post is a little belated, but nonetheless I wanted to share with you my progress for last month's Wardrobe Architect. To be honest, I didn't do much this month. I went through a major wardrobe cleaning session sometime over September, keeping things, throwing away and giving away things. So when February's worksheet came, I didn't have much to report. 

Tracking worksheets of wardrobes don't really work for me, as I am a more optical type of person. I didn't write down the things left on my wardrobe, but I can already tell that I own far too many black casual shirts, long sleeved, short sleeved, you name it! A few dresses I rarely wear, some skirts, some pairs of jeans, a couple of black jeans and some leggings. Looking at my wardrobe the only thing coming to mind is boring! What I really miss from my wardrobe is print, color and more wow-factor pieces. 

I'm really looking forward to spring sewing and fabrics and I can't wait to start organising my spring/summer capsule wardrobe. How about you? Are you participating in Wardrobe Architect?

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  1. I'm not participating, but having moved countries last year I have only brought with me the basics. And, I've changed my hair colour a bit (honey blonde not platinum), so my two faithful orange dresses don't really suit me now... so I'm going to sew up some skater skirt type things, maybe an Anna or two and the Davie dress I just bought from Sewaholic Patterns. Can't wait for spring!