Me-Made-May '15 Weekly Recap

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Hello everyone! The first week of Me-Made-May '15 is officially over! I pledged to wear at least 3 me-made garments every week and this week I managed to wear 4. I'm really happy to explore my handmade wardrobe and use my me-made garments with creative ways. Here are the recap of this week's outfits:

OUTFIT 1: Self drafted skirt

OUTFIT 2: Mandy Boat Tee from Tessuti patterns (blogged here)
OUTFIT 3: Plantain tee from Deer&Doe patterns
OUTFIT 4: Self drafted skirt (blogged here)

Are you participating in Me-Made-May '15 ? How are you doing so far?

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  1. I'm not participating via my blog, but solely because May is a very busy time of the year as a teacher. I have been wearing my me-mades about as often as usual, but that is about 5 days a week so that's pretty good! Love your outfits :)

  2. Awesome!! Now I wanna start sewing my own tshirts too! :)

  3. You have such a nice casual style! It's been fairly easy for me this year because I have more everyday handmades in my wardrobe now, but I'm definitely noticing that I don't have enough warm weather tops. I'm really digging to find tops that are appropriate... better do some quick stitching!