What did Me-Made-May '15 teached me!

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Hello everyone! So May is over and with it goes this year's Me-Made-May. As you may have noticed there was no Week 3 and 4 recap here on the blog. That's because I only wore handmade 1 or 2 days over these weeks and they mostly were repeat outfits that I didn't feel like sharing again. You could say my Me-Made-May was a failure this year, but I 'll say I feel the opposite! 

Me-Made-May '15 gave my a big inside of my handmade wardrobe! It highlighted the gaps of my wardrobe, it showed me what I enjoy wearing and what fabrics work for me. So Me-Made-May '15 teached me that:

  • My summer handmades are mostly skirts.
  • I need to sew more tops.
  • I could use some more dresses.
  • I 'd like to incorporate more prints into my summer wardrobe. 
  • I need to think of my wardrobe as a capsule. 

I'm glad I participated to this year's MMM15 and I can't wait for next year! Hopefully next year will find me with a better and more sufficient handmade wardrobe!

How about you? What did MMM15 teached you? 

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