Knitting files: Didi Cat&Cat sweater

Sunday, December 13, 2015

I used to have an on-again-off-again relationship with knitting! I learned to knit almost 5 years ago, but I never dived into it seriously. Maybe it was the cheap acrylic yarns I used to buy, maybe I didn't paid much attention to the patterns, but I was always afraid to knit a big garment, like a sweater. I've knitted quite a few neck cowls and scarves, but I always wanted to be able to knit garments! So I decided that this time around I'd make it happen! So, very proudly,  I present you my very first wearable sweater!!

As most of the times, I found the pattern in -the-heaven-of-knitting-stuff- Ravelry. For my first endeavour, I wanted something fairly easy that I could knit while binge watching my favourite series (at the moment is Once Upon A Time, which I seriously recommend that you watch, if you haven't already!). The pattern is the Didi&Catcat sweater pattern from this amazing French blog named  CatCat et son dressing. She knits the most amazing modern garments and I fell in love with her designs, even though my knowledge of French is actually non existing! I followed her instructions for a mini version of her original pattern, because I wanted the sweater slightly less oversized. 

With the help of the trusty Google translate, I was able to finish this sweater in less than 2 weeks. The pattern is actually two rectangles for the body and two rectangles for the sleeves knitted in garter stitch and sewed together at the end. You don't even need circular needles for this one! The only modification I made was tapering the sleeves at the end for a more close fitting result.

For this, I used size 5(US8) and size 10(US15) straight needles and approximately 9 skeins of this Air Alpaca yarn from Katia Yarns in the Medium Grey (205) color. The yarn is so soft and lovely! I spritz blocked the sweater, because the yarn is quite delicate. This was also my first time I tried blocking properly!

So what about you? What are you knitting this winter? What was your first knitted item?
You can also find me in Ravelry!

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