Happy New Year(and some of my sewing plans)

Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Hello, hello, hello!! Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had a wonderful time over the holidays and you are ready to conquer 2018 with lots of creativity. This year I struggled a lot with keeping up with my blog, to the point that I thought that maybe I won't continue with blogging this year. For me the hardest part is taking photos of my finished garments. And I mostly blame Instagram for that. Don't get me wrong, I love the direct communication Instagram offers and how stress free posting about a project is, but I think that's the reason I often forgot or I am too lazy to photograph a project for my blog. But I decided to give it another try this year and see how it goes.

 Today I want to share some of my 2018 plans and projects:

1. I decided to participate in the 365project over on Instagram. To be honest I'm afraid I won't follow through in the end, but I would love if by the end of the year I could have a full year in photos.

2. MakeNine2018. I'm still not set in a list yet, but a post will follow about my list when I do. I won't bother with a 2017 recap, because let's just say 2 out of the 8 is not a satisfying percentage!

3.Bullet Journalling. This will be my second year using a Bullet Journal and I couldn't recommend it enough! I use it to organise everything from my daily life to my sewing.

4. I'm thinking about participating in the #shirtmonth challenge over on IndieSew. It's been a long time since I last sewed a shirt and I'm really loving taking my time with projects that need more attention to details.

5. This year I'm also determined to read more books, so any good book recommendations are more than welcome!

6. I'm looking forward to the Design Your Wardrobe project that Seamwork magazine is planning for February.

This year I won't make any sewing resolutions, since I found I only think about them until the end of January and I'll just go with the flow and whatever strikes my creativity!

So, how about you? Did you make any sewing resolutions this year? Will you be participating in any projects this year? 

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  1. hi,
    I just found your blog. I like reading your thoughts and seeing your makes. I just make things as they pop into my head, I have too many self enforced to-do lists for other things in my life and my sewing list is one I don't feel obliged to follow to the letter. I also hate shopping, it is so tiring and if you have something in mind you cannot find it, unless it is the hot trend of the month. And if I do find something it will probably be black or grey in colour, neither of which suit me. Where I live in Western Australia clothes last a long time as we don't need to use clothes dryers, I don't own one, so my handmade wardrobe is getting bigger even though I only make an item once a month. And personal style, don't think I have one other than if I like something or not. Some people seem more defined in their style, but why force it, perhaps this is a social media thing?? I don't follow any social media so happily the personal style thing isn't high on my priority list. A cohesive wardrobe would be nice but sometimes I wear things even if they don't go together that well because I don't want to wash clothes unless they need it or some piece of clothing need a turn to be worn while the weather suits them. I live in small regional city so the dress standards aren't that high. Wearing shoes (I mean not going out shoeless) and pants that don't drop down under your bum or stretched and stained t shirts is well dressed for a lot of people that live here.
    Michelle from Bunbury

  2. Hey, it looks great! On matters of style, swim with the current, on matters of principle, stand like a rock.
    Most people will never be great in #Style, BUT YOU ARE ;-).

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