Fresh start and new perspective

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Hello guys and happy new year! I hope you had a lovely holiday season with your loved ones and the new year finds you well and refreshed. So is that time of the year again-the fresh start-when ideas are flowing and lists are made. These are my new year resolutions or-better-goals I want to achieve in 2015.

1. Declutter and organise my flat and especially my sewing area and keeping it that way. This is extremely important to me, mainly because I can't function or create anything in a cluttered space. A organised space is what keeps my creative mojo up and going!

2.Buy a new diary and be more organised. My boyfriend can't stand that in 2015 I prefer using a diary to organise my tasks, when I can use the digital calendar in my mobile, that I can sync with my computer and have my tasks and to-do lists, everywhere with me-his words, not mine! But for me, organisation is a new diary, my favorite pen and a cup of coffee.  

3.Be more organised with my sewing and my creativity in general. After reading this amazing post over at Sew Mama Sew, about transitioning to a mostly handmade wardrobe and seeing the "Make me a wardrobe 2015" hashtag from My Make Do and Mend Year, I really want to focus my sewing more. Until now it seems that I had a "having a go at whatever seems nice" kind of approach to my sewing. From now I want to concentrate more and be more consistent with my sewing.

4.In extension to the previous goal,  I'm committing to less WIP's in 2015. Often I start a project, but when things get tricky or I lose interest I quickly move to the next one. I really want to change that. 

5.Blog more and try to have variety in the posts. I'll try to commit more to the blog this year and be more consistent.

6.Photograph more. I used to love photography and spent a lot of time practising it, but nowadays my camera rarely makes it outside its case. I'm thinking about doing a photography challenge in order to boost my creativity again.

7.Be healthier. These wouldn't be new year's resolutions if this wasn't included! Like everybody else I'd like to eat healthier and workout a little bit more in the coming year. I started this 30 day yoga challenge from Yoga with Adriene and I love it!

These are just some first goals of the top of my head for the new year. I'm sure lots is going to change and more goals and resolutions will be added. Wishing you a happy and creative new year!

2015 bring it on! 

How about you? Have you made any new year's resolutions? Is there anything you want to focus on this coming year? I'd love to know!

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  1. Great goals! I'm the same way with planning- my diary is sitting next to me as I type this! I keep it in my bag with me throughout the day and it's the only way I can stay organized. Apps just don't interest or work for me! And thanks for sharing the yoga challenge- I've been wanting to try yoga, but feel too timid and broke to go to a class, so this looks great!

  2. How excitement! All of these goals are gold, love the idea of a more deliberate approach to sewing too. I'm there with ya! Looking forward to your makes in 2015.