Week in recap

Monday, January 12, 2015

1.Enjoying some Indian food/ 2. Soup making/ 3. Late night snack/ 4.Cozy nights/ 5. More soups/ 6.Thank you for 8 wonderful years buddy

This week had its ups and downs for sure. It was all about returning to everyday life and organising. You know it's all about setting the tone for the new year. But one of the hardest decision had to be made this week also. After 8 wonderful years we had to put down our dog due to health issues. He'll be missed for sure! 

So this week I was:


Lately I'm obsessed with soups! This week I made two new recipes and I loved both of them! One is this power protein one from EssieButton and the other one is this cauliflower creamy one from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I definitely suggest both of them for these cold winter nights!


This week is all about organising and making lists. I loved By Hand London's New Year's Re-sew-lutions and Sew Mama Sew's tips for transitioning to a (mostly) handmade wardrobe. Both helped me get my sewing mojo back. Now it's all about planning.


I've been obsessed with this Billie Jean cover from the Civil Wars. 


This quote from textile designer Audrey Ducas: "A woman is at her most beautiful when she's kind, lively and imaginative, goes through life consciously and stays authentic, however she looks." You can read her whole interview "Beauty tips from a French girl" over at A Cup of Jo.

So how was your week? Did you do anything exciting?

Happy new week everybody!

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