Me Made May '16: Week 1 Round Up

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Hello lovely people! As you know it's May, and you must already know by now, that May in the sewing community means only one thing: Me Made May!

Since I did a huge clearout of my closet over the past few months, not a lot of my garments made the cut. I kept only those garments I wear and enjoy wearing often. So there are some pretty big gaps on my wardrobe at the moment and my me-made game is running low. But nontheless I really wanted to join again this year. It's such a fun project and it really makes you evaluate your wardrobe.

Because I didn't want to put much pressure on myself, I pledged to wear as many handmade garments as I can for the duration of May. No specific number of days or garments.

Putting together this round-up I realized that 4 out of the 6 handmade garments I wore this week haven't been up on the blog yet(ooops!). I really have to take some pictures of my makes!

1/5: Doing some stretching in my self-drafted leggings
2/5: My new favorite Mona jacket (soon to be blogged)

4/5: You know you love a garment when you want to wear it every single day. That's Mona for me right now.

5/5: New Victoria blazer in ponte knit(soon to be blogged as well!) and a self-drafted knit tank top.

 6/5: Wearing my Named Beatrix crop top with my Paprika patterns Opal cardigan.

So, that's it from me on the first week of May. How about youAre you participating in Me Made May '16? What is your pledge?

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