Me Made May '16: Week 4 Round Up (aka the Plantain week)

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hello everyone. Let me start by saying that, since I'm (obviously) a jeans and tee kind of girl, my handmade t-shirt game was really shameful. Last weekend I decided to change that and I made 4 new Plantain tees. So, needless to say that I wore a Plantain tee every single day this week! 

23/5: Swing back beige Plantain and RTW sweatpants for running errands
24/5: Swing back grey Plantain and RTW black skinny jeans for a coffee date with friends
25/5: Same Plantain as yesterday  (without any shame!)
26/5: Striped Plantain and RTW black high-waisted jeans for drinks with friends
27/5: Black Plantain and RTW flares for a coffee day with the bestie
28/5: The only day of the week that a Plantain wasn't involved :P. Hand-knitted sweater and RTW jean shorts for a stroll around the city

I'm really sad that May is almost over, but I can't wait to start filling the gaps in my wardrobe that I spotted during Me Made May. Have you realized anything new about your wardrobe during this year's MMM?

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