Faux fur neck warmer

Friday, February 01, 2013

Continuing with the fur obsession I made this faux fur neck warmer for my friend,who was kind enough to let me photograph her and her awesome eye makeup on a very busy Sunday morning!We originally bought the faux fur to make a cover for her new tablet,but didn't use it in the end!So we decided on a fur neck warmer instead!I love the fluffiness and its blue-grey hue and it was a very easy project too!I wanted it to have fur on the inside as well,so I used a long rectangular piece of fur which I folded in half and sewed on the long side(right sides together).Then I turned it inside out and sewed the shorter edges together.Make sure you either zig-zag the edges or turn the edges under,because this kind of fur tends to fray very easily!


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  1. Looking at the finished product and how warm it looks, it would have been a shame if you guys decided to use the fur for the tablet cover. The neck warmer looks great, and if you hadn’t said so, I would have thought you bought it off the rack. Thanks for sharing!