Week in photos

Monday, February 18, 2013

                                        Top to bottom,left to right:
                                        1.All packed and ready to go
                                        2.At the gate,waiting to board
                                        3.Doing some sketching on the airplane
                                        4.Included in another Burdastyle article with my Asymmetrical black dress
                                        5.Adopting the English style
                                        6.Sushi bar

Hello everyone!How was your week?I'm currently in England enjoying some holidays after my hectic exam week,so things around here are going to be a little slow next week!Wish everyone a lovely week!

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  1. Cool! Holidaying in England. I hope it is not too cold:) I heard they had/or are having snow. It won't stop snowing here. love the English style:)

    1. Thank you!I have to say these last couple days it's been really cold and today we had some snowflakes!But nothing unbearable!

  2. nice pictures :)