Friday, March 01, 2013

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Hi everybody! And happy new month! I can't believe we're already on the 3rd month of this year! Lately I'm finding myself becoming more and more inspired by all the wonderful things happening in the sewing community!Is it my idea or is the sewing community becoming more and more awesome?So many new pattern releases and awesome initiatives are happening!
Jen from Grainline studio released a new pattern,the Archer Button Down shirt!I was looking for a button down shirt pattern forever!Since you know my love for indie designers' sewing patterns I couldn't be happier about this!The pattern comes in two variants,a standard button down shirt and a gathered lower back detail.I have so many ideas for this one!
I've already seen the wonderful lingerie Maddie from Madalynne creates,but was really excited when I read that she will now be releasing patterns for them!She already released her first pattern Amerson as a free download!Since lingerie is something I have no experience sewing,I think Amerson will be a great pattern for my first try!
Of course you already know my love for the Q2HAN creations and tutorials!My asymmetrical black dress is one of my favourite creations and I was awed when I saw their tutorials about two new awesome dresses.The first one is a backless dress perfect for spring and the next one is a black sheer dress with very interesting details!I can't wait to begin these two!
I think you all know Gertie from her Craftsy class "Sew Retro Perfect Bombshell Dress".Now she released another amazing pattern,a loose-fitted vintage top with tie ends and a pair of high-waisted tapered jeans pattern,both included in one Butternick pattern!
In non-pattern related things I love Vicki's initiative to map the whole sewing community!You can add yourself here!It's really exciting to see how many people have the same interest as you and who knows,maybe you'll find some people close to your area!
I hope this inspires you and gives you some new ideas to try!

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