Christmas Cheer

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Happy December everyone(and let's pretend this is not a belated post!).December is one of my favorite months of the year,mainly because it includes Christmas,which I really love!From the decorations,to the songs and the movies,the presents and the tree,there is really nothing that I don't like about Christmas!Yesterday I read the "Twelve Days of Cheer" post on Maie dae blog and I really like the idea of doing festive things for the next twelve days as we approach Christmas day!I thought it would be so much fun to join the festivities some of these days!Here is "The Christmas Cheer Bucket List" from Maie Dae:

* December, Saturday 1st - Make an advent calendar
* December, Sunday 2nd - Listen to Christmas music & watch our favorite movies
* December, Monday 3rd - Play in the snow
* December, Tuesday 4th - Make Christmas cards
* December, Wednesday 5th - Decorate our home
* December, Thursday 6th - Dress up for a Christmas party
* December, Friday 7th - Traditions past, present & future
* December, Saturday 8th - Host a party and decorate our tables
* December, Sunday 9th - Make a wreath
* December, Monday 10th - Put together our Christmas wishlist
* December, Tuesday 11th - Bake goodies
* December, Wednesday 12th - Reflect

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to make an advent calendar yesterday so I would join today with one of my favorite things about Christmas-the movies and the songs!Today i watched one of my all time favorite Christmas movies "Love Actually".I know that you are supposed to watch all the classic Christmas movies like Home Alone and White Christmas,but I really love this movie!It portrays all the different kinds of love in different situations and how each person handles love with his own way!If you haven't watched it,I strongly recommend you do!
As for the music I can't really decide about my favorite songs,because I find that I like to listen to different Christmas music in different situations!For example I really like listening to classic Christmas songs while I decorate the tree!Lately I've been listening this Christmas playlist on 8tracks.

How about you?What is your favorite Christmas movie?And will you join the 12 days of Christmas cheer?

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