Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!This year time flew by really fast!I literary run until the last minute to finish and wrap all my Christmas gifts.This Christmas my gifts were mostly handmade and among others I made 2 knitted scarves,2 knitted snoods,one top and a necklace!
I had an early Christmas celebration and gift exchanging with my friends last Thursday,before we all headed back to our hometowns.Yesterday I cooked dinner for my family and friends(really proud of my dessert!-chocolate cups(made with balloons) filled with white chocolate mousse-followed this recipe) and exchanged gifts!I really love each and every one of my presents this year and I'm really grateful for my awesome friends and family!Today I spend the day relaxing by the fire with my family,enjoying coffee and chatting with friends!I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas day!

Here are some snapshots of our Christmas decorations:


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